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24 January 2015
Updates are happening, HOLY FRAK!
That being said, the easist way to catch me is on
Twitter, here's my feed.

I'll be adding new content in the weeks to follow, it has been extremely eventful in the real world and as such it makes making updates to my hobby site a bit low on the priority scale.

MacGyver is still a verb and I still worship at the temple of adhesive Velcro. The
Forearm Smart Phone Holder has gone through a few modifications, here's a link to the original project.

I'm going to dump links to newer videos and stuff I'm usually up to like hanging out with friends from
or stopping by events such as
toycon.ca and TFCon.ca

Added below are a few new things, such as some choice selections from my dashcam collection.  I recently upgraded to a High Definition all-weather/Enhanced Night Vision Camera mounted forward and the older 730p camera facing the rear. 

Sit back and enjoy the ride, it's what I'm re-learning what to do when trying to hang on for dear life...
Also here's my
Jayne Cobb Costume, ALIENS Marine Gear, and more stuff being added, just watch my Twitter media feed.
Stay tuned for some stuff including Dashcam videos, interviews and some other random silliness I've pulled off.
People of Record Interview - Click Here
[new window]
with Mathew McCarthy
More ALIENS Colonial Marines -
Click Here
There was a recent photo shoot with the awesome
James P and soon those images will be added to the photo gallery.
Yup, here's that Canadian Jayne! Adam Baldwin pulled me into his interview on SpaceCast in 2011 and then the following Sunday he mentioned me on the stage, 15 seconds later my phone lit up with messages from my colleagues working back stage, fun times. More Jayne Cobb csotume photos here.
Captain !
Over here !
Just because I love this photo... Cobra !!!
More to come, stay tuned