So you've been to the photo gallery, or even seen me laying on the ground, and the question arises... "WTF?"

Here's a short explanation where my getting
pwn3d / owned began and how it evolved.

It started back in 1999 when I posed in a photo of some Storm Troopers 'arresting' me.  A year later I joined up as a member of the security team at the annual Toronto Trek convention.

The security team there wear red shirts. 
Yes, Those kinds of red shirts.  The expendable crewman that beams down with the away team on Star Trek, and never returns.

Since 2000 I took advantage of opportunities to pose while in uniform (for my duties as convention security) as a redshirt meeting his demise just for fun and make the event more interesting.  It was fun.  Here are a few of my favourites:
So there, you get the idea.

I do it because it's funny.  I like to laugh, and more importantly I like to make my friends laugh too.

Something happened along the way and I continued the trend with other photo ops such as the following.

Why not, it's always fun to see the big guy get taken down.
July 2002
The good folks at
Kropserkel offer me a spine adjustment
July 2002
Kropserkel's Alien / Xenomorph prepares a new host for a face hugger
July 2003
A Romulan shows his authorization code (note the target on the back of the shirt)
July 2003
Members of the
Canadian 501st decide that they're in charge now
July 2003
Looks like the Cobra ninja
Storm Shadow met his match
April 2005
Look out for Mini-Neo!
May 2006
I think I made a mistake in ordering the sushi