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Here is a clip from the Toronto Trek 2003 performance.

Many thanks for the kind words about it and the stage crew that made it as great as it was.
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About this performance:

»There is also a gallery with more photos of this costume [ click here ]

This took place at the popular costume display event known as The Masquerade.  That year's event included an impressive amount of comics/retro related costumes... especially considering that Toronto Trek is mainly a SciFi/Fantasy/Gaming convention with an overwhelming selction of panels and workshops.

This performance won the Best Presentation Award in the Journeyman division.

The skit could not have happened without the support of the stage crew (thanks Chil, Ghost and Dan, Goose, et al.), the MC Gord Rose as well as an extremely supportive audience.

Storm Shadow from the GIJoe Cartoon
» If you liked the video, or really like 80s retro like Snake-Eyes from GIJoe, make sure to visit Sid's "The Ultimate Snake-Eyes Tribute Site" !

» Featuring images from the comic and cartoon, as well as costumes presented in the Toronto area since 2000.