[] Sid's Snake-Eyes costumes - spanning from the original from1999 to Hallowe'en 2005
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After attending numerous conventions and costume-related gatherings, I felt it was long past due to re-create one of the greatest fictional action-oriented characters of all time:

Snake-Eyes from the G.I.Joe Comic and Cartoon

What started as a project for Hallowe'en 1999 ended up grabbing a life of it's own, including a popular gallery with
Yahoo! Photos at first, moving on to a GeoCities site that couldn't handle the number of visits and would thus require a webdomain.

And now, after upgrading the website's resources to accomodate yet more increased traffic and bandwidth requirements, I present upgraded and enhanced galleries for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

- Sid -

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Snake-Eyes Costumes, 1999-2000
- what started the whole thing
Snake-Eyes Costumes, 2002
- These are lesser quality photos.
Snake-Eyes  Costumes, 2003
- Improving upon the original
Storm Shadow @ Toronto Trek 2003
- This won a Best Presentation Award